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Home Run, The Story of Babe Ruth
by Robert Burleigh

Through a combination of beautiful oil paintings, authentic baseball cards, and free verse poetry, meet the baseball hero who set the standard for the game.* Babe Ruth!

Casey at the Bat--Aaron Shephard's Readers' Theater
Exploratorium's Science of Baseball

Math Baseball

Honus and Me

"I've heard people say that the trouble with the world is that we haven't enough great leaders.  I think we haven't enough great followers.  I have stood side by side with great thinkers -- surgeons, engineers, economists; men who deserve a great following -- and have heard the crowd cheer me instead. . .I'm proud of my profession.  I like to play baseball. I like fans, too...But I think they yelled too loudly and yelled for the wrong man."
                                                            -Babe Ruth

Special thanks to Michele Stuhrenberg  for providing Babe Ruth's great quote.


*(Still available in Forged in the Fire, Bluebonnet Celebrations #6, © 2000, Suzy Red, Lockhart, Texas)


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