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All the Way Home
Patricia Reilly Giff

What common ground would a girl from Brooklyn and a farm boy from Windy Hill find in the summer of 1941? They both are Dodgers' fans, and they both have problems that will bring them together in search of answers. Will Brick ever get to go home to the family's apple farm? Will Mariel be able to overcome the crippling effects of polio? Will she find her mother? Along with their love of baseball, the courage and determination of Brick and Mariel help them face their problems as they forge a strong friendship that will take them all the way home to find their treasures.  All the Way Home provides a thoughtful and inspiring character study for everyone, ages 8+.

All the Way Home

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Write about this analogy
Connect its meaning with 

All the Way Home.

The Dodgers

Ebbets Field: Preserving Baseball's Lost Shrine

Polio Timeline

Dr. Jonas Salk

Dr. Jonas Salk, Inventor of Polio Vaccine

On the Edge:  Paralyzing Polio

A 20-page unit, perfect for lesson planning and handouts for projection on your SmartBoard for All the Way Home is now available!

The Kids' Wings Study Guide for All the Way Home contains:
comparing books about heroes,
preparing for dialectical journaling,
map study,
compound/complex sentence game,
predict/confirm chapter questions,
character quilts,
writing poetry,
a poem for two voices,
multiple-choice comprehension,
converting non-standard English to standard English,
crossword puzzle,
summarizing the chapters,
summary writing through a ballad,
logic puzzle,
Math from Baseball to the Brooklyn Bridge,
literary heritage contained in common phrases,
researching polio,
discussion/writing prompts,
answer keys

Handicaps and Overcoming Problems, Book Connections

Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio
Peg Kehret's true story about her struggle with polio.

Nory Ryan's Song

Riveting historical fiction about other who over come hardship, this time in the Irish potato Patricia Giff.

The Hero of Bremen

A handicapped cobbler shows us what a hero really is.

Leah's Pony 

The Depression forces a tough decision 

for another farm family.


Paired Literature Connection
with Chapters Reflecting Each Character's Voice:
by Wendelin Van Draanen
Language Alert (This book uses the word "P---ed" as the band's name throughout.)

You may also purchase a 35-page paired unit for All the Way Home and Flipped, two-voice books, for only $17.95.
Click here to purchase and download
through Kids Wings at Teachers Pay Teachers



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