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The Gorillas of Gill Park
by Amy Gordon

For Grades 4-7

Willy's life was orderly and planned, carefully directed by his parents...until he went to spend the summer with his eccentric Aunt Bridgett. What promised to be an interesting summer overseeing the making of 37 gorilla costumes became an astonishing summer of adventure and change for Willy!

As an only child who normally "didn't like to do a lot of new stuff because he was afraid to," Willy's world was rocked by baseball, music, art, new friends, and crime! From a home of overprotective parenting, Willy had a lot of growing up to do in order to save something he and many others held dear.

Will this shy kid find the courage necessary to meet the demands he finds thrust upon him in Gill Park? Will he be able to help a strange new friend overcome a moody nature? What part do dancing fountains, music, and gorilla costumes play in Willy's quest for independence and success? Will he be in time to solve the mystery and save the day?

The Gorillas of Gill Park is a KEEPER! (You will probably forgive the sprinkling of curse words and will be begging for a sequel!)

Research Links for The Gorillas of Gill Park

Sites for Making a Map of Gill Park:
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Making Maps

Central Park--Compare Gill Park to Central Park!

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Oregon Parks
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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Hiking

Dancing Fountains

The Music of Gill Park:

Mozart's Sonata
The Marriage of Figaro
Ramón Pajares Box's Classical Music Files
Classical Music
Ragtime Music


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What Familiar Children's Song was created from Mozar's Variations on: "Ah, Vous dirais-je, Maman"

Thomas Mann: "The way to gauge the health of a civilization is through its music."

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You can purchase the 21-page activity guide for The Gorillas of Gill Park for immediate download for only $10.95! Click Here to Download

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The Kids Wings Activity Guide Contains:
Summarizing: Write a Narrative Poem;
Coach: Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities including Analogies;
Making a Salt Map of Gloria;
Math Logic Puzzle: Rosa's Market;
What's in a Name?
Picturing Figurative Language;
Two Different Lives: Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities;
Character Quotes, Identification;
Character Poem;
A Touch of Caring: Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities;
Story Mapping;
Adding My Voice, Writing from Another Point of View;
Projects That Sprout from the Book;
Horst's Hidden Things (Class Portraits Bulletin Board, A Fountain Dance,
An Extraordinary Teenager);
Research: The Dangers of Smoking;
FIVE Writing Prompts;
Answer Keys


Our special thanks to Ramón Pajares Box for the background music: El Barberillo de Lavapiés (The Little Barber of Lavapiés), zarzuela (1874) Canción de Paloma by BARBIERI, FRANCISCO ASENJO (Spain, 1823-1894)



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