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The Big House
by Carolyn Coman

A Rollicking Mystery with Law-Related Connections


The trial was over.
The verdict? Guilty.
The sentence? The Big House.

Their parents, being habitual criminals, had to go to the Big House, jail, after being convicted of embezzling funds from The Last Best Hope Charity.

Ivy and Ray had to go to the Big House, Marietta's mansion. How could that be? Marietta was the one who accused their parents of the crime! The evil Marietta was responsible for sending their parents up the river!

Fortunately, the kids still have each other. Fortunately, their parents had taught them survival skills: get the lay of the land, watch your brother's back, always know where the exits are, be content where you are.

Now, it is up to the kids to collect evidence that proves Marietta lied. But, on the way, of course, they have to PLAY! You will want to root for them and laugh along as they cover their tracks and collect evidence from the least likely places. So what if they don't know why it is evidence?

But, what happens when the worm turns? Will they be able to survive the latest sentence from the evil Marietta?

In the most hysterical of twists and turns, you will enjoy their escapades through this one-of-a-kind mystery will keep eagerly turning. Readers will be blown over by the surprising climax!

Grab a friend and join Ivy and Ray as they romp through The Big House! This is law-related education at its best.


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Theatrical Connections:

The Muppets Movie: The Frog Prince (Ivy and Ray loved to tell stories like the Princess under a spell in the Muppets Movie.)
You can purchase the 24-page unit for The Big House by Carolyn Coman NOW for immediate download for only $16.95! Jeopardy-Type Game included with the unit! Click Here to Download.

This 24-page Kids' Wings activity unit and Jeopardy-type game for The Big House are perfect for lesson planning, handouts, projection on your electronic board is now available!

The Kids' Wings Study Guide Contains:
Anticipation Guide
Criminal Stereotypes
Making Connections, Chapter Questions for Before-Reading Prediction and After-Reading Confirmation
Picture a Courtroom
5-Page Scripted Trial
Crossword Puzzle
Picture That! Idioms (2 pages)
Big House Legal Vocabulary
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Active Learning: Friendships That Run a Lifetime
Compassion and Respect
Dictionary Check-Up
Pillars of Society
Literary Devices: Ma's Cave Soap
Alternatives to the Intercom
Another Language
Marietta Goes to Trial (Gifted and Regular Versions)
Comprehension Check-Up After Reading
Writing Prompts
Answer Keys
Interactive Jeopardy-Type Game


Musical Connections:

Forever Friendship Music

Kids Wings 5-Star Rating:

(Symbolizing high moral character in literature)

Background music: "Help Me Make It Through the Night" by Kris Kristofferson seemed the perfect choice for two kids who had some long nights together.


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