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The Lightning Thief
by Rick Riordan

Have you ever been on a field trip and accidentally (or on purpose) pushed the most disgusting kid in your class in a fountain? And then, did your teacher turn into a hideous monster with long claws like a gargoyle and try to kill you? Well it happened to Percy Jackson! Not only that, but things started going down hill from there! Was every monster in the universe out to kill him? What had he ever done wrong ... other than being slightly "different"?

It was true Percy couldn't sit still in school. ADHD. He was always in trouble, it seemed, but he did try to keep his odd, best friend, Grover, out of trouble. Do you think Percy would freak out when he learns that he was a half-blood, the son of a Greek god? Well, wouldn't you?

Gather your courage and get ready for a modern day romp to Olympus with Percy where you'll come face-to-face with centaurs, satyrs, woodland nymphs, minotaurs, and other creatures along with the Greek gods!

After reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, you will enjoy the movie as well.

The Kids Wings Literature Guide for THE LIGHTNING THIEF, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1, was written by Master Teacher Suzy Red and comes to you in both PowerPoint and PDF for excellence in printing and projection.

The Activities Include:
* Anticipation Guide, Before and After Reading
* The Greek Gods Aren't Greek to Me, Definitions
* Greek Gods Crossword Puzzle
* Picturing Gods and Heroes
* Greek Creatures and Stuff, Crossword Puzzle
* Literacy Circle Jobs
* Chapters 1-4, Pages 1-56, Vocabulary, Predict-Confirm
* Assessing Your Skill: Chapters 1-4, Multiple Choice and Short Answer
* Mortals and Mythical Beings: Chapters 1 - End, Chart of Characters and Traits
* Chapters 5-8, Pages 57-126, Vocabulary, Predict-Confirm
* Comprehension Check-Up, Chapters 5-8, Multiple Choice, Sequence
* Projects: Chapters 5-8: Camp Shirt, Play Pinochle, Pan Flute
* Chapters 9-11, Pages 127-187, Vocabulary, Predict-Confirm
* Mind Pictures, Figurative Language, Chapters 9-22
* Chapters 12-15, Pages 188-241; Vocabulary, Predict-Confirm
* Activities for Chapters 12-15: A Greek God's Dictionary, Matching
* Chapters 16-19, Pages 242-319; Vocabulary, Predict-Confirm
* Summarizing the Chapters
* Chapters 20-22, Pages 300-375; Vocabulary, Predict-Confirm
* Scrambled Tiles Friendship Puzzles, 2 Pages
* Friendship Character Study, 2 pages* Assessing Your Skill
* Chapter 22: Illustrate and Multiple Choice
* Application for Employment
* Answer Page


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by Rick Riordan

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