The Magician’s Boy
by Susan Cooper

The Magician's Boy works hard, but his dream of learning magic never seems to materialize. The Magician keeps the Boy busy cleaning his wands, smoothing his robes, and washing his rabbits. Best of all, he allows the Boy to work the puppets in their play of "Saint George and the Dragon." But, whenever the Boy asks the Magician to teach him magic, he is told he must wait.

Then, one day, the Boy is plunged into the Land of Story on a quest to find the Saint George Puppet that has disappeared. Who do you think he meets on his quest through the Land of Story? Someone with a red cape? Someone with long sharp teeth? Someone who climbs a tall vine? Someone who lives in a boot? His quest takes him into familiar...and dangerous territory. Will he complete his quest or be baked in a pie with a bunch of blackbirds?

Brushing up on your fairy tales and nursery rhymes will help you enjoy this fantasy even more!


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by Susan Cooper

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