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So B. It: A Novel
by Sarah Weeks

What would happen to a tiny baby if her mother could only say 23 words and couldn't take care of herself?

Who was this lady named Bernadette who was compassionate enough to step in to help the young mother and her infant daughter?

What if neither Bernadette nor Heidi's mother could ever leave their apartments to go outside?

What if YOUR name were Heidi It? How would you feel when you were 12 years old and had no idea where you came from or how you and your mother came to live in an apartment adjoining Bernadette's?

If Heidi found a clue that could lead her to learn about her past...thousands of miles away...what would she do? What would YOU do?

Mental illness, a mother became the child and the child, her caretaker, then upon the mother's disappearance, a quest to find answers reveals suprising answers. As Heidi journeys into a new world to untangle the clues, she learns about truth, friendship, loyalty, and responsibility.

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The 14-page Kids' Wings unit for So B. It will enrich and extend your reading of this touching story. It is perfect for paired, group, or whole class study. The unit includes:
Anticipation Guide,
Color of the Characters,
Chapters 1-6: Vocabulary and Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions,
Crossword Puzzle for Chapters 1-6,
Chapters 7-12: Vocabulary and Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions,
Mapping Heidi's Route,
Calculating Heidi's Luck,
Putting Heidi on Trial,
Assessing Your Skill, Ch. 9,
Chapters 13-17: Vocabulary and Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions,
Lies and Lying,
Visualizing What You Read,
Chapters 18-23: Vocabulary and Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions,
The Truth, Chapters 18-23
Some Truths that Heidi Learned, A Fallen Tile Puzzle,
Writing Prompts,
Comparing Friends,
Answer Pages


Our special thanks to Mickey Gentle for allowing us to use his beautiful original composition, "Prelude in C" for the background music



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