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WINNER of the Texas Bluebonnet Award
SM for 2007-2008
Down Girl and Sit, On the Road

by Lucy Nolan

I'm Down Girl, the intelligent, beautiful dog who lives next door to my friend Sit. We spend most of our time chasing squirrels and that sneaky Here Kitty Kitty who jumps the fence into our yard and touches our stuff. The best part of my life is that I have a car! I always drive ... well, actually I get to put my feet on the steering wheel, but Rruff likes to drive. You won't believe the places I go and the crazy things that happen to my master, Rruff, and me! Why, I've even written a book about it!

Come read about our trip to the beach! (I got to drive!), our camping trip (Rruff forgot to bring his food), and, yes, I hate to say it...our trip to The Lady in the White Coat.

Now, your teacher will say it's all about learning about point of view, but I think you'll find it's all about how much you love dogs and the fun you have with us!!

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Down Girl and Sit, On the Road

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Down Girl and Sit, On the Road


A 26-Page Unit for
Down Girl and Sit, On the Road is a one of a collection of 24 units in The Ripple Effect.

The Unit Contains:
* Pre-reading Discussion Ripple Cards
* 4-page Readers' Theater Script for 2 Dogs
* Wind in My Ears, An Original Canine Ballad and Melody
* Getting Crossed-Up, A Crossword Puzzle
* Chapter 1, Drawing Inferences, Conclusions, and Generalization, Multiple Choice
* Use the Clues! Checking Inferences in Chapter 1!
* What Caused the Ripples?
* Chapter 3: Comprehension Check up, Multiple Choice
* Chapter 3: Rewrite the Story from Rruff's Point of View
* Chapter 4: Comprehension Check up, Multiple Choice
* Down Girl's Treasures: Complete the Pictures
* A Measurement Map of Down Girl's World
* Write a new Two-Point of View Story
* Contrasting Characters on a Venn Diagram
* Edit and Recopy Kendra's Letter
* My Letter to an Author
* Answer Page


With special thanks to Edgar Girtain, IV for allowing us to use this original composiition, music "The Squirrel." Kids' Wings is grateful for his generosity in sharing awesome talent with the world through our web pages!


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Down Girl and Sit, On the Road by Lucy Nolan NOW!
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