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The Earth Dragon Awakes
by Laurence Yep

It is April 18, 1906, at 5:11 a.m. You are awakened by a gentle movement of your bed. It trembles beneath you. In the next moment, your bed is dancing across the floor of your room. You hop out of bed and feel the floor roll like a wooden sea beneath your feet. Your desk crawls toward a window. Before you can reach the door, books topple off your shelves, and boxes clobber you on the head. When you finally reach your door, you find it is jammed tight. Now, the walls begin to crack around you and the ceiling rains down. You hope it is just your worst nightmare....but it isn't. The Great Earthquake of 1906 is just beginning. You will need all the courage and perseverance you can gather to survive the next day of your life.

Chin and his father, Ah Sing, face even greater danger, for their home is in a poorly built tenement house in Chinatown. On the other side of town, Henry Travis and his wealthy family are no better off. You can travel back in time with them through The Earth Dragon Awakes. You will read about hardships, death, heroism, and survival.

Incredible depth of fact is woven into the captivating story of the Great Earthquake as told from three points of view...Chin's, Henry's, and that of an earthquake expert...The Earth Dragon. Laurence Yep's masterful storytelling and short chapters make the story inviting to readers of all ages.

Provided with the unit are Refugee Situation Cards that accompany the Kids Wings Unit for The Earth Dragon Awakes.

Research Links for
The Earth Dragon Awakes

Modern Map of San Francisco

What was San Francisco like before the earthquake?
Incredible 1906 video taken 4 days before the earthquake

The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Panoramic View of San Francisco Burning
Exploratorium Earthquakes
Exploratorium: Faultline (with Earthquake Songs)
Tectonic Plates Map
Tectonic Plate Movement
Aeriel View of San Francisco after the 1906 Earthquake
Eyewitness Accounts
San Andreas Fault

Caruso's Account of the Great Earthquake and Audio of his Singing "Carmen"

Legends and Myths

Though the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was a factual event, the Chinese used legend to explain why it had happened...the earth dragon awoke! Learn more about legends and then, try writing one of your own! These sites may help.

Hawaiian Mythical Legends
How the Columbia River Was Formed
American Myths and Legends
Myths and Legends

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Musical Connections:
Included in The Ripple Effect's CD will be a 23-page multi-disciplinary unit by Suzy Red plus four fantastic earthquake songs and lyrics written and produced by Mel Zucker, Professor of Earth Sciences, Marine Biology at Skyline College, San Bruno, California.

The Earth Dragon Awakes by Laurence Yep

A 23-Page Unit for The Earth Dragon Awakes is a part of a collection of 21 units in The Ripple Effect.

The Unit Contains:
A Jeopardy Game
Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
Readers’ Theater Script
Map Study
Vocabulary Activity
Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Writing Prompts
Logic Puzzle

Interview the Characters
2 BigSix Research Starters
Multiple-Choice Edit/Revise Activity
2-Page Refugee Simulation
and MORE!
Also include are
An Interactive Jeopardy-Type Game for The Earth Dragon Awakes
and four pages of activities for Selavi before their earthquake. (Haiti's Street Children).

The Kids Wings literature guide for The Earth Dragon Awakes and 20 other award-winning children's novels are found in The Ripple Effect.


San Francisco, immediately after the 1906 earthquake:

Special Thanks to Kite Spireson for granting permission to use this emotional original composition, "Running Before the Storm" for our background music!




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The Earth Dragon Awakes
by Laurence Yep

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