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Who Stole Halloween?
by Martha Freeman

Alex and Yasmeen are kids who are a lot like you ... if you are one of those inquisitive kinds of kids ... a kid who likes to investigate mysteries! If you have a smart cat who can lead you to the clues like Alex does, then you might even be able to solve the mystery of the disappearing cats before they do!

The mystery begins in a really spooky place. Can you guess where that might be? A haunted house? No. That comes later. It begins in a cemetery where Luau, Alex's cat, leads them to a mysterious flyer stuck to a gravestone. The flyer pleads for the reader to return the missing cat--the black cat named Halloween. If you decide to go with them in the pages of the book, you can analyze the clues, too! Can you tell which clues are red herrings, and which clues lead to the thief?

To complicate matters, a 100-year old murder mystery raises its ugly head, dividing Alex and Yasmeen's attention and doubling their problems! Will they find that a ghost is indeed behind all the crimes or will logical explanations uncover the truth? If you like a doubly good mystery, then Who Stole Halloween? is for you!

The Kids Wings literature guide for this exciting mystery includes an original song with lyrics leading deep into the middle and later chapters along with a challenge: use your summarization skills to write lyrics for the remaining chapters


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Who Stole Halloween? by Martha Freeman

Kids' Wings Literature Guides with Songs Included
Sample: Who Stole Halloween
(Listen througn Internet Explorer)

A 23-Page Unit for Who Stole Halloween? is a part of a collection of 23 units in The Ripple Effect.

The Unit Contains:
Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
A Readers’ Theater Script
Neighborhood Map Logic Puzzle
Predict/Confirm Chapter Questions
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Writing Prompts
Ripple Cards
Answer Pages
and MORE!



A very special thanks to Mickey Gentle for granting permission to use this terrific original composition, "Trick or Treat Trek" for our background music!



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Who Stole Halloween? by Martha Freeman NOW!
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