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Outside and Inside Mummies
by Sandra Markle

Did you know that mummies aren't just something we made up to scare people on Halloween? They really don't walk around cemeteries with their clothes hanging in shreds trying to find an innocent kid like you to jump out and scare.

No, mummies were once real live people like you, except some of the best mummies were pharaohs or ancient kings. Before they died, they had their slaves build enormous pyramids. Then, after they died, their bodies were mummified. Thousands of years later, researchers and scientists discovered the mummies and had a lot of questions about them. But the mummies couldn't talk to answer the questions! So the scientists thought they might find clues hidden in and around the mummies' bodies.

Would you like to know who these mummies really were? Would you like to know how scientists discovered clues without having to cut into the bodies? Would you like to see real mummies? If you would, you will love reading Outside and Inside Mummies by Sandra Markle.

Research Links for
Outside and Inside Mummies

Author Sandra Markle
Ancient Egypt, Science and Technology
Exploratorium: Make a Mummy

Outside and Inside Mummies
by Sandra Markle

The Pompeii Unit Contains:

A Jeopardy Game
Discussion Cards
2 Crossword Puzzles
Readers’ Theater Script
Map Study
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Logic Puzzle

The Outside and Inside Mummies Unit Contains:
Word Prediction
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction
Map Skills: Where in the World Are Mummies?
A Mummy Crossword Puzzle
Making a Mummy Multiple Choice
Mummy Science
Mummy Fun: A Race to Dress the Mummy
Clothespin Mummies
Mummy May I

Pompeii Tag is included in the Zip File when you purchase the unit
Print and cut out these cards. Distribute them randomly to students in the class. The student who has question #1 asks the question on the card. The student who thinks he/she has the answer stands and says the answer. If correct, the person asks the question on the card, and so on until the last question is answered by the student who had question #1.



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Outside and Inside Mummies by Sandra Markle NOW!
with Kids Wings activities from
The Ripple Effect

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