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Where I Live
by Eileen Spinelli

A Narrative Poem About a Time When Life Was Hard

"This is where I live -- in the yellow house with the white shutters."

Diana enjoys living in her house with her family, near her best friend, Rose. Her little sister, Twink, guards the front door where a bird has built her nest in the willow wreath. Good things happen in her home and in her school.

Then, her daddy loses his job. Will Diana lose her home...her friend...?

This warm, timely, emotional narrative poem told in blank verse will inspire children to think about their own homes and to feel secure in their futures where new doors can open when old ones are closed.

Research Links for Where I Live

Helping Children Cope with a Parent's Job Loss
Family Coping with Job Loss
Surviving Tough Times
Helping Children Cope with a Parent's Job Loss
Finding Meaning with Job Loss

Literature Connections:

Amber Was Brave, Essie Was Smart by Vera B. Williams

This is the story about Amber and Essie
Written in blank verse poetry.
Life changed for Amber and Essie
When their daddy went to jail.
There was not much food,
And they were often alone.
But they were happy.
They could make a Best Sandwich.
Plus, there was Wilson
And Nata-Lee.



Where I Live by Eileen Spinelli

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