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 Surfer of the Century
by Ellie Crowe

A Texas Bluebonnet Award NomineeSM

Duke Kahanamoku grew up in Hawaii in the early part of the Twentieth Century. His father taught him to swim when he was 4 years-old by tying a rope to his waist and tossing him from the outrigger canoe into the ocean! He began swimming every time he could, getting stronger and stronger in the powerful ocean waves that powered his surfboard. Do you think he was afraid of sharks in the Pacific Ocean? NO! He was taught that sharks around the islands were the protectors of the people.

Life wasn't always easy for Duke. He worked hard to make surfboards to sell so his family could eat. He surfed and swam miles every day. Because he did poorly in school, he dropped out of high school and worked on the beach and welcomed visitors with his friendly "Aloha!"

But how did Duke become the Surfer of the Century? What did he have that others didn't have? What did he develop that improved swimming skills and gave YOU a valuable skill? What mistake did he make that almost made him miss the biggest event of his life? Why would Hawaii make a statue of him? You'll find out when you read this beautiful picture book biography of the gentle, shy, big-footed surfer!

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Surfer of the Century

A 12-page unit, perfect for lesson planning and handouts or projection on your SmartBoard for Surfer of the Century is now available!

The Unit Contains:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
Readers’ Theater Introduction
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction--Pretest
Map Activity: Where in the World is Hawaii?
Character Study
Vocabulary List
Vocabulary Bingo
Taking Waves, Making Waves
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Olympic Champion Research
Olympic Champion Writing
Comparing Books
Answer Pages


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