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The Hinky Pink
by Megan McDonald, Illustrated by Brian Floca

Anabel has her dreams. She dreams of beautiful princesses, sparkling gowns, and The Butterfly Ball! But, not like you think! Anabel's dreams are of sewing--sewing the loveliest gown ever, one fashioned of velvet and voile with perfectly straight stitches, shimmering with embroidered silk and satin, and lace as wispy as any spiderweb in the kingdom. But, alas! She's stuck "hemming and hawing" with her unending mending. Would she ever have a chance to prove her talent and marry the handsome prince? After all, that's what happens in fairy tales, isn't it?

When the magical opportunity presents itself, will Anabel be able to outwit the magical Hinky Pink goblin that is locked with her in the tower?

It's a fairy tale with a new twist, set in Italy, complete with a new villain and a new goal for the hard-working heroine. Sprinkled with Italian accents and Brian Bocca's enticing illustrations, this fairly new fairy tale will have you thinking of ways of putting some new touches of your own on your favorite fairies!

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A 10-page unit, perfect for lesson planning and handouts for projection on your SmartBoard for The Hink Pink
by Megan McDonald
is now available in Tempests and Teamwork!

The Kids' Wings Study Guide Contains:
Discussion Cards
Map Study: Where in the World is Italy?
Crossword Puzzle
Vocabulary by Chapters
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Italian-English Matching
Sewing Vocabulary
Recurring Words and Phrases in Fairy and Folk Tales
The Moral of the Story
Fairy Tale Factory (Writing a Fairy Tale, p.1)
Researching a New Charater and Setting (Writing a Fairy Tale, p. 2)
Story Mapping (Writing a Fairy Tale, p.3)
Writing the Story (Writing a Fairy Tale, p. 4)
Answer Keys


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