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The Uglified Ducky
by Maynard Moose, as told by Willie Claflin

"The Ugly Duckling" comes to the moose world in this hysterical story told in "The Uglified Ducky" in book and on the CD inside! Storytelling doesn't get more fun than this and the proof is that kids and adults alike are stampeding to read and listen over and over to Mayanard Moose tell his endearing story in his moosey dialect!

Illustrations by James Stimson provide the perfect comic background for the story of a baby moose who is found by Mommy Ducky. "Ooo, Look at that! That is a uglified ducky!"

As a companion book, you must have The Perfect Wizard by Jane Yolen. Now you can read the biography of Hans Christian Andersen who wrote the original story of "The Ugly Duckling" in a beautiful picture book by Jane Yolen. At the bottom of each page, you can see a snapshot of one of his stories, inspired by his childhood and his struggles. Read about his determination to gain fame and the long road to his genius being discovered. His fairy tales have lived happily ever after in the hearts of children and kings for hundreds of years. He was The Perfect Wizard.

Research Links for
The Uglified Ducky
by Willie Claflin

Author, Willy Claflin

Practice reading more stories in fractured English! Great phonics practice!
Goonerisms Spalore
Listen to some Tounge-Tied Tales
Storytelling Power

Hans Christian Anderson Sites

Books with Great Storytelling Possibilities:
The SOS File
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Elijah of Buxton
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Jeanne Willis Books
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A Book about Hans Christian Andersen:
The Perfect Wizard: Hans Christian Andersen


The Uglified Ducky by Willie Claflin

An activity guide for The Uglified Ducky by Willie Claflin is combined with our unit for The Perfect Wizard by Jane Yolen to provide mastery-perfect lesson planning and handouts for projection on your SmartBoard is now available!

The 7-Page Unit for The Uglified Ducky Unit Contains:
Willie Claflin's delightful story telling on CD in the book!
Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
Storytelling Guide
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Dialect and Non-Standard English

Comparison of Books
Answer Keys

The 18-Page Unit for The Perfect Wizard: Hans Christian Andersen Contains:
Anticipation Guide
Crossword Puzzle
Six-Page Readers’ Theater Script for the traditional "Ugly Duckling"
Character Study
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Writing Prompts
Professionally Recorded Song by Suzy Red and sung by Ted Newman
and MORE!

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