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April 15, 2019 is the 105th Anniversary
of the Titanic Disaster

by Don Brown

Texas Bluebonnet Award NomineeSM

"Though gone from view, she remains fixed on the horizon of our imagination, where she steams endlessly, haunting us."

It was a perfect ship. An ocean liner like no other. "A ship even God himself could not sink." A floating city. The finest in luxurious transatlantic travel.

Its 2,228 passengers and crew represented rich celebrating their great wealth, and poor immigrants from many countries of the world, in search of a better life in America.

What happened to this perfect ship that nothing could sink? It sank.

What happened to the 2,228 lives aboard? Most of them died.

This is the story of the Titanic disaster, a factual, illustrated story, that will make you want to know more.

The 20-page Kids Wings Study Guide
All Stations Distress by Don Brown

Discussion Cards
Anticipation Guide
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction
You Are There Interactive
American Folksong: The Titanic Song and Lyrics
Titanic Song on
YouTube by Richard H. Wilson
Two-Page Readers’ Theater Vocabulary Activities
Crossword Puzzle
Comprehension Check-up
Poetry Writing
Sequence the Events
Another Disaster-Research
Active Teamwork Challenge

Discussion/Writing Prompts

Answer Page

by Marty Crisp
Illustrated by Robert Papp

Kids' Wings Award for Excellence in Children's Literature

"Well, the Tianic is one ship that doesn't need a fool ship's cat for luck. She's unsinkable."

The story of the Titanic's ship cat arose from the many eyewitness accounts gathered over the years. It traces the life of Jim Mulholland, a young cabin boy, expecting the voyage of his life. In charge of caring for the ship's cat, Jim finds the job even more difficult than he expects. Will the Titanic's cat bring good luck?

Striking, full page oil paintings punctuate this Titanic story to create lasting memories.

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The 18-page Kids' Wings Study Guide for TitaniCat by Marty Crisp

Discussion Cards
Anticipation Guide
2 -Page Readers’ Theater
Comprehension Check
Visualizing the Story
Crossword Puzzle
Map Study
2 Page of Math Activities
Titanic Research
There's More to the Story
Design a Floating Device
Letter Writing Prompt
Answer Page


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Research and Extension Links
for Titanic Literature

Titanic Song
is included in your purchase of the Kids Wings Unit for
All Stations! Distress!
by Don Brown and Titanicat

TitaniCat's Illustrator Robert Papp
TitaniCat Author Marty Crisp

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Titanic Passenger List

Was Frederick Barrett a survivor?

Encyclopedia Titanica
Titanic Survivors

"Ragtime" was first played by the orchestra on deck. Research to discover examples of Ragtime!

The Kids Wing Activities for All Stations! Disaster and TitanicCat

The Background Music, "Nearer My God to Thee" is the music played by the Titanic orchestra as the ship went down

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