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"Old buildings do not belong to us; they belonged to our forefathers, and they will belong to our descendants." William Morris

Imogene's Last Stand
by Candace Fleming

Imogene loves history! All of her life, she has loved learning about the things, people, and quotes that make our country great. Now her attention has been drawn to the Liddleville Historical Society, a centuries-old house crammed with cobweb-covered antiques, yellowing letters written on parchment, arrowheads, fossils, old inventions, flags, uniforms, and more. Determined to make it a place where people will come to enjoy history, Imogene and her daddy undertake to organize and fix up the decaying house. When their job is complete, she dresses in authentic clothing of the Revolutionary War and waits as the tour guide for the crowds to come.

But no one comes. She can't understand why the townspeople don't to share her enthusiasm for the artifacts of history, as extraordinary as they are. Still she waits. Then, one Monday, someone finally comes, but much to her dismay, the visitor comes with a sign announcing the city's plan to destroy the Liddleville Historical Society building. You won't believe why!

Imogene single-handedly takes on the Mayor and the townspeople, in Paul Revere style. Will Imogene's Last Stand to save the historical building save the day? Sadly, no... at least, not until a miracle pops up in front of her eyes. Can you guess what it is?

Imogene's Last Stand will make you cheer for history, loyalty, courage, and determination to preserve patriotism and punctuate it with the responsiblity of citizenship. Imogene is one determined little Tea Party!

The Kids' Wings literature guide for Imogene's Last Stand invites group discussion, exploration of how our democracy works, skill building, and an invitation to try your hand at participation in your city government.

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by Candace Fleming

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You can purchase two citizens-in-action units for the 41-pages in activity guides for Imogene's Last Stand, Edwina Victorious, and Grace for President for immediate download for only $12.95!
Click Here to Purchase and Download Now!

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The Activity Guide Contains:
Pre-reading Discussion Cards
Anticipation Guide
Getting Ready to Read Embedded Nonfiction
A Readers Theater Introduction
Imogene Tripp: A Character Study
Preserving History Crossword Puzzle
Map Study: New Hampshire
Checking Comprehension Multiple Choice
Researching and Reporting on a National Landmark
Your Elected Leaders
Locating the Problems and Actions That Solve Problems
"I Am An American" Choral Reading
"I Am An American" Writing

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