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Scarum Fair
by Jessica Swaim

Chosen as a Kids Wings Top Flight Book for 2012-2013
A Texas Bluebonnet Award NomineeSM

Do you like carnivals? Do you laugh and squeal with excitement while you're there? What are your favorite rides? What kinds of carnival food do you love? Are there sideshows and carnival acts that make you giggle? Imagine the memories that you take with you from the carnival!

Now imagine that your beloved carnival has been transformed into a carnival of horror! The Welcome has turned to a warning ... come in and you'll never leave! The carnival workers are now monsters and goblins! Visitors may not survive the killer-rides! Ice cream has been transformed to I-Scream! You may be offered a drink of type-A blood-red punch! How about some cat-fur stew served in a cat-hair cup? After you've eaten, it makes you cough it back up into the stew to be served again! Guess who serves the Devil's Food Cake! You'll even get to attend the wedding of Count Dracula and a ghoul whose dress is made of tarantula silk and whose hose have a seam made of centipedes.

We here at Kids Wings believe that kids will love the spine-tingling poetry in Scarum Fair. Perfect for serious Halloween chills, it has rhyming narrative poems bound together in an original plot, laugh-out-loud scary situations, really clever punny word plays, hysterical (okay, sadistic) illustrations, rhymes, and a second-person voice! This is a read-under-the-covers scary book that might keep you awake to finish it or give you nightmares if you DO finish it.

This is uniqely frightening and gross poetry is perfect for Halloween! It will work well for the creepy side of your intermediate-level poetry study, but we think it may be too hair-raising for 8-year-olds. For poetry-reading contests (like Texas's UIL Poetry), Scarum Fair will provide choice selections.

The Kids Wings activity guide will provide fun and interaction through puzzles, group projects, an original readers theater script, problem solving that builds skills, and a Jeopardy-type game for the whole class to enjoy at the end.

Count Dracula's Bride

Author Jessica Swaim

Research Links for
Scarum Fair

Author Jessica Swaim

Special Previews from the Author

Something's Under the Bed

The Kids Wings Halloween Room

Motif-Index of Folk-Literature: A Classification of Narrative Elements in Folktales, Ballads, Myths, Fables

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Really Scary Nonfiction Picture Books
Inside and Outside Mummies
Pompeii, Lost and Found

A 13-page Kids Wings unit, perfect for lesson planning and handouts or projection on your SmartBoard for Scarum Fair is now available for instant download!

The Unit Contains:
Discussion Cards
Analyze and Evaluate the Poems
Vocabulary Study
A Poet's Eyes
Creepy Crosswords
Playing with Words, Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities, 3 pages
Poet's Corner Planning Page, Poetry Writing
Carnival Costume Prize Winners, a Logic Puzzle
Researching Count Dracula
Answer Pages
AND a BONUS Jeopardy-type game!


Activities in nonfiction books Outside and Inside Mummies and Pompeii include
Map activities
Nonfiction Prereading activities
Readers Theater script
Multiple Choice Activities
Crossword puzzles
Cloze activitie
Logic puzzle
Answers and more
A Jeopardy-type game is included for Pompeii
A Tag-game is also included for Pompeii



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