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"He was the best of toms. He was the worst of toms."

The Cheshire Cheese Cat,
A Dickens of a Tale

by Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright with Drawings by Barry Moser
Chosen as a Kids Wings Top Flight Book for 2012-2013
2012 Texas Bluebonnet
SM Nominee for 2012-2013

Skilley was a cat with a secret, but then, who living in and around Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in London, didn't have at least one secret? Secrets kept them apart, and secrets brought them together. Skilley was accustomed to scrabbling for food and, in the process, learned to be fleet afoot, sharp of eye, and clever in calculating the distance between the fishmonger's broom and the dead fish whose aroma beckoned him. But often, not fleet enough. His battle scars and broken tail spoke of his battles with the brooms as well as with his nemesis, Pinch, the evil, ginger-striped alley cat who showed compassion to no creature, but of course, he, too, had his secret.

But, it was, afterall, Pinch whose warning to stay away from The Cheese proved more of an invitation than an admonition for Skilley. Pinch had described the mice that had overrun the tavern. An audacious plan began to grow in Skilley's mind. Surely, he thought, working inside Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Tavern would be his bird nest on the ground, assuring him of security for rest of his nine lives. It wouldn't be without problems. It, after all, had DOORS, and many secrets inside as well.

You can follow Skilley into the story that gave the great author, Charles Dickens, ideas for a book he was writing, looking for inspiration for just the right opening.
Mr. Dickens turned his keen eye to the goings-on in the Inn and formed a particular interest in the charcoal grey cat with the character and appearance of a street fighter, the cat who had not the least interest in being spied upon, for he had his own business to particular, the business of that little grey, intellectual mouse named Pip who is recognizable by his particularly prominent overbite. The events that bring them together and eventually seal an unlikely friendship became crucial to every subplot involving the cook (a culinary tyrant), a barmaid named Adele, a ghost, thousands of mice, and a myriad of other well-rounded characters. Can you believe it never occurred to Skilley that he would become caught up in a crisis that could fortell the downfall of Great Britain?

Kids Wings was surprised that this book did not win the 2012 Newbery Medal.

The Cheshire Cheese Cat contains deliciously prodigious vocabulary, intertwined plot, curious creatures, historical setting, seriously entertaining story, secrets, and splendid black-and-white illustrations that manage to be both realistic and comical. What more could a reader want? You will love hearing it read aloud by a talented storyteller in the Audible version of the book.

The 40-page Kids' Wings literature guide invites group discussion, problem solving, research, writing, skill building, and authentic applications, are all inspired by a cat and mouse, a barmaid, a ghost, lots of cheese, and Charles Dickens himself. Included is an interactive Jeopardy-like game that will conclude the study with fun.

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by Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright
Illustrator Barry Moser

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You can purchase the 52-page unit PLUS a Jeopardy-type game for The Cheshire Cheese Cat, A Dickens of a Tale for immediate download for only $19.95!
Click Here to Purchase and Download this Kids Wings unit
through Teachers Pay Teachers

Kids Wings' 52-page activities PLUS the 53-slide interactive Jeopardy-type game, are available now. They are perfect for lesson planning, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard foThe Cheshire Cheese Cat, A Dickens of a Tale by Carmen Agra Deedy and Randall Wright!

The Activity Guide Contains:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
Anticipation Guide
Readers’ Theater Introduction
Preparing Your Intellectual Tools: Dialectical Journals
Becoming a Character
Vocabulary by Chapters
Making Connections: Predict/Read/Confirm Chapter Questions
Nonstandard and Standard English
Crossword Puzzles
Activities for Visualizing the Chapters through Drawing
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Research Prompts and Guides
Where in the World? Map Study

New Organization!
Page 1: Pre-reading Discussion Cards
Page 2: Pre-reading Anticipation Guide
Page 3-4: Pre-reading Readers Theater Script
Page 5: Map Study: The United Kingdom
Page 6: Dialectical Journal
Page 7: Become a Character
Page 8: Researching Charles Dickens
Pages 9-11: Activities for Chapters 1-5
Pages 12-14: Activities for Chapters 6-11
Pages 15-17: Activities for Chapters 12-16
Pages 18-20: Activities for Chapter 17-21
Pages 21-25: Activities for Chapters 22-26
Pages 26-28: Activities for Chapters 27-32
Pages 29-33: Activities for Chapters 33-38
Pages 34-35: Activities for Chapters 39-45
Pages 36-38: Activities for Chapters 46-53
Pages 39-40: Activities for Chapters 54-62 and Epilogue
Pages 41-42: Five in a Row Vocabulary Game
Pages 43-44: Vocabulary Tic-Tac-Toe Game
Pages 45-50: Answer Pages
Plus, an interactive Jeopardy-type game!

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