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Because of Mr. Terupt
by Rob Buyea
2013 Kids Wings Top Flight Award

Mr. Terupt faces his first class at Snow Hill School. His fifth grade class is a lot like yours. A smart new California girl whose family has just split up, a boy who's determined to become brilliant scientist, a prankster, an outcast, a girl -- bully -- who's just a little bit better than everyone else, a troublemaker, a boy who hates school ... and there's more.

Mr. Terupt's students write accounts of events that take place in their class. From them, we learn about the energetic, empathetic Mr. Terupt's innate ability to reach all of his kids. His classroom is a fun place, and Mr. Terupt has a keen eye for understanding the most important lessons that need to be learned. He even keeps things under control ... until that one snowy winter day. The day that was supposed to be a fun day. The day when one event snowballs into an accident changes everything—and everyone. And then, everything changes ... because of Mr. Terupt.

Because of Mr. Terupt and our Kids Wings Literature Guide is the perfect gift for your student teacher or favorite colleague!

Because of Mr. Terupt is the perfect classroom study to inspire both teachers and students to become a bonded, enthusiastic team, dedicated to each other and eager to learn through this amazing teacher. It will be the cornerstone of your successful classroom. The 50-page Kids Wings unit and 50-slide Jeopardy-type game will delight every teacher and guarantee thoughtful, fun social and exciting academic growth for every classroom.

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Because of Mr. Terupt
by Rob Buyea

Author Rob Buyea's Home Page

A REAL HERO in the Oklahoma Tornado, 2013

Worry Dolls
WikiHow Worry Dolls

The Secret Life of the Brain
The Frontal Lobe of the Brain
How the Body Works
List of Disorders

Mr. Terupt Logic Puzzle Revision from Growing Young Americans

Literate Lives: Because of Mr. Terupt
(Use after "Prowling for People's Prediction," page 2 of Literature Guide)

Scantron Generator
Using Primary Sources


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Quotes to memorize:

"A teacher helps determine how a child will set the world on fire." Suzy Red

"Unless we can hear each other singing and crying, unless we can comfort each other's failures and cheer each other's victories, we are missing out on the best that life has to offer. The only real action takes place on the bridge between people." Anonymous

"BE the change you want to see in the world." Mohandas Gandhi

"As with all great teachers, his curriculum was an insignificant part of what he communicated. From him you didn't learn a subject, but life! Tolerance and justice, fearlessness and pride, reverence and pity, are learned in a course on long division if the teacher has those qualities. "
William Alexander Percy

There is no character, regardless how good and fine, that cannot be destroyed by ridicule, even that which is poor and witless. Mark Twain

You can purchase the 51-page literature guide PLUS interactive 50-slide Jeopardy-type game for Because of Mr. Terupt for immediate download for only $19.95!
Click Here to Purchase and Download this Unit
from Kids Wings at Teachers Pay Teachers

A 51-page unit PLUS interactive Jeopardy-type game, perfect for lesson plans, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard for Because of Mr. Terupt is now available!

The Activity Guide Contains:
The Activity Guide/Lesson Plans Contain:
Pre-reading Discussion Cards
Anticipation Guide
Map Study
A Vocabulary List and Activities
Quick Writes-Read-Predict Confirm Chapter Questions
Chapter Check-ups with Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions
Crossword Puzzle
Map Study
Visualization Activities
Mr. Terupt's Math
Math + Thinking = Learning|
Cool Activity for Literary Devices
Logic Puzzle
Snowball Effect
Craft Activity: Worry Dolls
Character Study
Explain the Brain
Quotation Quest
Musical Inferences
Thoughtful Themes
Compare and Contrast: It's a balancing act!
Answer Pages;
Plus, a BONUS Interactive Jeopardy-type Game


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