My Eyes Were on My Papa
My eyes were on my Papa.
He left. Gone.
He walked right
Through the doorway.
Left us alone.

Sometimes I’m feeling lonely.
Where’s Papa?
Why did he go and leave us
Here all alone?

My mama thought it best now
To have some fun,
So she drove us kids to get a dog.

And now there’s Grace and Mini,
Neo, and Bryn.
They’re filling up the spaces
Left in our hearts.

I will never leave
I will never leave my family
Alone. Alone.

to the tune of “Love Song” by Thomas Fosseli, used by permission
based on Waiting for the Magic
by Newbery Award-winning Author, Patricia MacLachlan
from the Kids Wings Literature Guide for Waiting for the Magic, lyrics by Suzy Red
© 2013, Suzy Red, Lockhart, Texas

All rights reserved.