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Face Bug
by J. Patrick Lewis
2014 Texas Bluebonnet Nominee

Have you ever come face-to-face with a genuine monster of the insect and spider world? Did 8-eyed spiders stare at you, unblinking, until you felt like you'd faint? Did you come nose-to-nose with the Clydesdale of the fly world, the one with the spear of a syringe ready to tap your blood? Have you ever seen the Hickory Horned Devil that looks like your worst nightmare of a space-invader? No? Well, then, it's time for you to visit first official bug museum built by and for bugs in the new picture book by J. Patrick Lewis, Face Bug!

The Face Bug Museum features the museum story in first-person punny poems by the fourteen featured creatures on display in addition to Fred Siskind's phenomenal, extremely creepy face-photos of each of them. Not to be outdone, Kelly Murphy, the illustrator, adds excitement and fun through comic cartoons of buggy museum visitors that are sure to make you laugh out loud!

For the scientific minds who want-to-know, the end notes complete the museum with full-body photographs and detailed information about each featured creature.

For classroom connections, the Kids Wings Literature Guide for Face Bug by J. Patrick Lewis will extend the fun, hone reading skills through inquisitive questions, stimulate interaction through discussion, inspire problem-solving in a logic puzzle, use new vocabulary in crossword puzzle, lay the foundation for creativity and figurative language in the form of alliteration, onomatopoeia, rhyming, and hyperbole. You will also answer an curtain call that invites you to draw your favorite museum bug and write a persuasive paragraph detailing reasons why it should be everyone's favorite.

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Face Bug
by J. Patrick Lewis

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Busy teachers love the many pages activities that support and extend Face Bug by J. Patrick Lewis. You can depend on Kids' Wings to prepare your students for standardized testing by stimulating, challenging, and stretching their brains instead of lulling them to sleep with boring, mind-numbing drill-and-kill!
You can purchase the paired literature guides for Face Bug and Lester's Dreadful Sweaters for immediate download! Only $11.95! Click Here to purchase and download now!

The Kids Wings 10-page literature guide is perfect for lesson plans, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard for Face Bug by J. Patrick Lewis is now available!

The 12-page Kids Wings Activity Guide Includes:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
Readers Theater Four-Voice Introduction
Multiple Choice, Matching, and Short Answer Comprehension
Identifying Figures of Speech in the Poems
Vocabulary Lists and Activities
Gruesome, Ghastly Bugs, A Crossword Puzzle
No Horsing Around With This Face Bug, A Logic Puzzle
Curtain Call: Illustrating Your Favorite and Writing Persuasively
Comparing and Contrasting Two Books: Face Bug and Lester's Dreadful Sweaters
Answer Pages

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