Worthy of Comment?

Have you ever noticed that it is getting more and more difficult to reward students? THEY have BAGS of red hots and drawers full of stickers. Here is an idea that costs nothing but will motivate better than anything else we know!

As you write comments on your students papers, take note of special effort displayed and reward them with your handwritten lofty allocates! It is guaranteed that students will find a way to read and understand your vivacious vocabulary in the context of praise! You probably won't be surprised to see the same vocabulary and phrases pop-up in their compositions! And...parents will be VERY impressed! Here are a few beginning samples.

Lofty Allocades

I applaud your adamant ambition to aspire to an intellectual eminence among your peers.

I admire your extraordinary endeavor to assimilate a vivacious vocabulary unrivaled even by the most resolute learners in my class!

The immeasurable fortitude you demonstrate in the selection of your formidable vocabulary has earned you exalted esteem among your adept companions and instructors!

Your incredibly undaunted desire to thrive on extraordinary literature will assure your meritorious achievement in all fields of your endeavor.

Your stunning preference for arduous accomplishments in vocabulary selection has earned you the unqualified respect of your instructor!

Your awesome inclination to discern formidable problems will predictably insure your imminent prestige in the future.

As a witness to your arduous exertion and originality in your present assignments, I am sure that you will be revered by your colleagues as you pursue your career goals.

My confidence in you is perpetuated by your astonishing performance in statistical analysis!

An upsurge in your recent effort leads me to hypothesize that you will prevail over this subject in the imminent future!

Phenomenal manuscript!

Noteworthy ciphering!


Get your name in lights! As you write more, take a minute to send them to me, and I'll share this master list with you each month. It'll save time and add to our wealth if you contribute, and of course, I'll credit you with your entries!

Suzy Red



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