Sentence Polishing Room
Avoid the Noid

Think of a noid as a bug that annoys sentences!  Any word or phrase can become a noid if it is used too much!  Try these three exercises to help you polish your sentences and avoid the noid.  Click on the sentence to guide the polishing!

Type 1 Sentence:   There is a little lion cub.
Type 2 Sentence:  It is playing a banjo.

Type 3  Sentence The cub is brown.

Practice your new skills to create ACTIVE sentences:

Practice editing "Type 1" Sentences
Practice editing "Type 2" sentences

Practice editing "Type 3" sentences

Edit a paragraph using your new sentence polishing power!
Clarification:  Of course, some sentences simply SOUND better with "noids" in them and others, like those containing similes, MUST contain the passive and linking verbs.  "Avoid the noid" simply gives a few fun possibilities for editing and revision to create an active VOICE in writing.
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