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Taboo Baseball
Developing Vocabulary for Creating Unique Writings

A Lesson Plan that must be followed IN SEQUENCE

Read and discuss. 

Earthlets as Explained by Professor Xargle 
by Jeanne Willis

In your cooperative group:  Brainstorm all the words you know that relate to baseball.

Compile the results of the brainstorm.

Choose one of the following compositions to write about baseball.

     A.  Describe the ways you can get points during a baseball game.
     B.  Tell about a memorable baseball game.

     C.  Compare / contrast the roles of people involved in the game.

     D.  Discuss the value of an umpire.

Now, title your list of brainstormed words:  TABOO

Your assignment is to write your composition without using ANY of the TABOO words!

Model:  Play Andy Griffith's monolog:  

"What It Was Was Football

Teacher Model

Writing Room

by Suzy Red

Of all the bagsphere events that have ever been played in the history of America, one stands out brilliantly above the others.  Back in 1920, the home team, the Muleshoe Mudorbs, met the Hereford Hotshots in a bagsphere bash which would live forever in the befuddled brains of its courageous citizens who braved the sudden spring snowstorm to witness the encounter of the bagsphere giants.  Before the action began, the hurler on the hill, Hilford Spitsphere, warmed up by tossing the sphere to the receiver.  Finally, the first segment began with Harold Hassle up to bang the bagsphere for the Hereford Hotshots.  He banged the first hurl toward the distant middleman who fielded the bagsphere and fired it toward the number one bagguard for the first deleted player in the history of bagsphere.