Tie Into Christmas Gift Making!
by Suzy Red
(A Model How-To Composition)
       Christmas is growing near!  You are probably concerned with what kind of present you can give to that hard-to-please daddy of yours.  Well, you’re in luck!  I have the perfect gift!  All it will take is some of your time, lots of your creativity, and a few inexpensive materials to make the most wonderful, beautiful, and cherished tie your daddy ever wore to a business meeting!
     To get started, you’ll need a solid colored tie which you can find at Wal-Mart for less than $3.  White is my favorite, but be sure it is a light color so your illustration will stand out like a diamond in a pea pod.You’ll also need some paper and a pencil for the designing phase.  Other than the tie and design materials, the only other thing you’ll need is several paint pens in bright fluorescent colors. After gathering these materials, get ready for the designing phase of your project.

     The type of design you choose should depend upon your father’s interests and your drawing preferences, so mess around with several sketched designs on your tie-shaped paper first.  Start simple, with various shapes until one sends fireworks into your brain.  Knowing your dad as well as you do, no doubt the fireworks in your mind will set off Roman

candles in his as well.  Having decided on the basic design, pencil-in details until your picture is perfect.  Now, you’re ready to create your masterpiece.

     Before you begin working on the tie, wash your hands well so no fingerprints creep into your magnum opus-- (that means “great work!”)--to sabotage your art.  Pull it tight by laying a heavy book at the narrower top and holding the wider bottom with one hand.  With a black, fine-tipped pen, outline your design carefully and let it dry thoroughly so your later colors won’t run together with it chaotically.  Next, it is time to complete your masterpiece by adding the bright, exciting colors.  Have fun as you work!  Occasionally, step back to get a holistic view of your work.  Can you just imagine your daddy’s face light up when he sees it for the first time?  Don’t forget to sign your work in your tiniest handwriting at the very bottom of the tie!  Wah-la!  You are finished!

     When your father opens your special gift on Christmas Eve, you can be sure to get a Santa Claus-style hug from the man  you love the most!  If you peek into his bedroom that night, don’t be surprised to see him kneeling beside his bed, thanking God for you, and then, wearing your tie to bed.
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