A note to school districts which choose to take "Christmas" out of our American Schools:



     Christmas IS an AMERICAN holiday.  It is a federally declared holiday - called "Christmas" in legislation and in national documents.  11 times, executive orders have declared "Christmas" a national holiday. 
    At a time when our nation is experiencing refreshing renewal of patriotism and faith, when we struggle to free the people of Iraq, we find it a sad commentary on a school district that chooses to fold to the forces that would dilute our precious heritage.  Our schools are in the business of preparing the leaders of tomorrow, of instilling patriotism and good citizenship.  Sending and supporting policy that prevents the edification of country and faith in the USA flies in the face of our great nation's motto, "In God We Trust."  As we read the resolution from the Texas State Board of Education of November 9, 2001, we wonder where these ideals were when our schools planned for holiday activities. On June 13, 2013, Governor Rick Perry has signed the Merry Christmas Bill!
    We are thankful to live in Texas where Christmas is still included in our curriculum and urge other states to carefully reexamine directives sent to schools, directives which lead to faulty policies that exclude Christmas and prohibit the uttering of the word, Christmas.  We also suggest this time of year -- Christmas -- is not "winter festival" or some other diluted or abbreviated excuse for a party.  Finally, we request that you clearly inform schools that it is legal and appropriate to call this time of year in the United States of America what it is:  Christmas.



So you see, "Christmas" and "God" are NOT bad words,
regardless what a few misguided individuals would have you believe! 
Our nation is not complete without them!