The Music Class

A Logic Puzzle by Suzy Red
Extension from Flying Solo by Ralph Fletcher
from Forged in the Fire, Bluebonnet Celebrations 2000-2001

    In music, Mr. Fabiano’s class assembled on the risers as they practiced for their Memorial Day assembly.  Mrs. Ickeringill asked the altos, Jordan, Karen, Sky, Sean, Bastian, Robert, and Jessica to stand to her right.  The sopranos, Jasmine, Rhonda, Tim, Rachel, Missy, Vicki, Christopher, and Corey, stood to her left .  She marked David, John, and Melinda absent.  Before they sang, she asked Robert and Corey, who were two of a set of  triplets, to make a chart of where everyone was standing.  Instead, they just made a bunch of notes!  Use this information and the boys’ notes below to help you put names on the chart for Mrs. Ickeringill.


Sky and Christopher stood next to each other on the back row. 
Missy and Karen stood on the ends of the back row. 

Rachel stood between Jasmine and Missy. 

A girl stood between Jordan and Sean on the front row.
A boy who sang soprano stood at the end of the front row.
Tim was on Christopher’s right.

Bastian, standing behind Sean, was between one of the triplets and Karen 

Rhonda was to Vicki’s left.

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