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You can purchase four Kids Wings literature guides for BASEBALL HEROES including Honus and Me; Home Run, The Story of Babe Ruth; Shoeless Joe and Black Betsy, and Lou Gehrig, the Luckiest Man 33 pages NOW for immediate download for only $15.95! Click Here to Download.

Honus and Me, A Baseball Card Adventure
by Dan Gutman

Joe Shoshack, a young baseball fanatic, discovers a rare and valuable baseball card while cleaning out an attic for an elderly friend.  In Joe’s hands, the card, opening a door in time, leads him into a time-traveling adventure with his baseball hero, Honus Wagner and the 1909 World Series.


Honus and Me is included in the Kids Wings collection, Tales for Two Centuries in a spiral-bound book. If you would pay $12.95 forone unit that is one of the literature guides in Tales for Two Centuries, you will love all 20 guides for just $15! That's about $.75 each! Click through the titles and you'll agree that $15 is a great bargain for these amazing lesson plans and activities! Order soon because this offer only lasts as long as our supply.


National Baseball Hall of Fame

Author Site:  Dan Gutman

Casey at the Bat--Aaron Shephard's Readers' Theater

Exploratorium's Science of Baseball

Math Baseball


The 12-page Kids' Wings unit for Honus and Me are perfect for lesson planning, handouts, and for projection on your electronic board. It is now available!

This Kids' Wings Study Guide Contains:
Dialectical Journal Warm Ups

Baseball LIngo Bingo
What Could Joe Do with Half a Million?
What Could I Do with Half A Million?
The Character of the Character, A Report Card
Soaring Similes, Illustrating
Collect Similes! Act Them Out!
Vocabulary Building Multiple Choice
Joe's Jobs Math
Take a Stand Corners, a Multiple Choice Action Activity
The Turn of the Century Brainstorm and Play
Baseball Then--Baseball Now--Baseball Tomorrow Research
Sports On-Line
Writing Prompts
Answer Keys


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