A Huge Hog Is a Big Pig
by Francis X. McCall

A Huge Hog is a Big Pig is a book about hink pinks. Do you suppose it contains a few hinky pinkies in it, too? Is there any chance it might have some hinkity pinkities?

First, can you figure out what a hink pink is? (Hint: the title of this page has a hink pink.) Yes, a hink pink is a rhyming, two-syllable answer. How many syllables does "hink pink" have? Two! So the answer must have two syllables, too. Let's try these hink pinks. When you give up, click, hold, and slide your mouse over the answer blank to see the answer.

What is the Hink Pink?
What is a huge hog?
a big pig
What is married rodent?
a spouse mouse
What is a easy-open lid?
a pop top
What is a puppy kiss?
a pooch smooch


Now let's test your knowledge of hinky pinkies.

First, read the hinky pinky. Then, answer it with a two-syllable rhyming phrase. When you give up, click and drag across the answer box to see the answer.

What is the Hinky Pinky?
What is a happy flying elf?
a merry fairy
What is a glove for a baby cat?
kitten mitten
What is a filthy flying creature?
dirty birdy
What is a seeing organ that is not sad?
dry eye


A Huge Hog is a Big Pig by Mike Lester is a book of hink pinks and hinky pinkies, and maybe a few hinkity pinkities with photographs of kids. Our Kids Wings activities will extend your fun!

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