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by Lyn Rossiter McFarland

What's a stray dog to do when he tries to find a home in a house full of CATS? Will "the girls" ever accept him?

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Sing Widget's Song
from the Widget Unit in
Tickles, Tricks, and Treasure

Traditional Song:
"Where, Oh, Where"
Oh, where?
Oh, where has my little dog gone?
Oh, where, oh where can he be?
With his fluffy fur and his wagging tail
Oh, where?
Oh, where can he be?

Widget's Song
to the tune of "Where, Oh Where?"

Your Widget’s lost
But he found a home
With six nice cats in a house.
Ms. Diggs let him in
Where he became a friend
And learned to chase a mouse.

One day Ms. Diggs fell,
And she couldn’t get up.
The cats were worried for sure!
Little Widget and girls meowed real loud,
But no one came to help.

So Widget began to bark real loud
Followed by the six barking cats.
The neighbors came.
Mrs. Diggs was saved,
And the kitties loved their new game!

Your Widget is happy in his new home.
Please get a new puppy to keep.
Mrs. Diggs and the cats
Love your doggy now
He sleeps on their nice warm mats.



Also Included with Widget is The Stray Dog
by Marc Simont (2002 Caldecott Honor Book).
You'll love the math! Both units are excellent with cross-age teaching or with a teacher projecting and scaffolding younger students through it.

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