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There's a Zoo in Room 22 

by Judy Sierra

Miss Darling's class is excited when she asks how they would like a truly terrific classroom pet. Then she announced that they would get a pet for the whole alphabet! Amanda Anaconda was the first and the zorilla is the last! Room 22 becomes an exciting menagerie of some cool and some unusual critters. The mostly-rhyming poems tell the story of an incredible year!

There's a Zoo in Room 22  will help your students improve their alphabet skills, inspire them to create an imaginary classroom zoo, and will even motivate them to use their imagination as they write their own poems.

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The Kids Wings 11-page activity guide for There's a Zoo in Room 22 by Judy Sierra provides fun and learning for grades K-3, perfect for lesson planning and printed handouts or projection slides on your SmartBoard! The activities include:
Crossword Puzzle
Readers Theater -- practice reading and performing the story together!
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Animal Families (Science)
Math in Room 22
Your Classroom Pets
Answer Page

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