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If I Ran for President
by Catherine Stier

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Duck for President
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If I Ran for President
by Catherine Stier,
So You Want to Be President
by Judith St. George and
Grace for President
(includes the electoral college)!
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If I Ran for President

by Catherine Stier

Would you like to be President of the United States? If you ran for president, would you know what to do? In If I Ran For President, six of them who looks like YOU...will take turns telling you the steps they would take to get to election day.

The pictures are cute and it's easy to understand.

Elect the Chief
to the tune of "Hail to the Chief"

Elect the Chief!
He's our President who'll lead us!
Elect the Chief!
May we help you to campaign?
With posters and stickers
And even some commercials.
First comes the primaries
To choose our candidates.
Make a good speech
So everyone will cheer you!
Debate the others
So we'll know where you stand.
We'll go to the polls
And cast our vote for you now!
Good luck, Americans!
The future's in your hands!

Internet Extensions:

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If I Ran for President
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A 8-page Unit for If I Ran For President
by Catherine Stier is part of a collection of 40 units in Stepstone Stories
The Unit Contains:
Crossword Puzzle

2-page Readers’ Theater Script about Running for President
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Discussion Cards
Song: Elect the Chief (above)
V is for Vote


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