Little Lost Bat
by Sandra Markle

by Janell Cannon

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Little Lost Bat
by Sandra Markle

A baby Mexican free-tailed bat is born! His mother cares for him deep inside a cave where millions of bats live. The baby bat hangs upside down clinging to the ceiling by his thumb claws. On the cave floor below, hungry beetles wait for any little bats that fall.

When his mother goes out to hunt insects to eat, she always returns to find him with the other babies and to feed him. But, one night, she does not return. Her baby waits. She does not return. He is hungry. She does not return. He is exhausted. Still she does not return.

What will happen to the little lost bat? Will Mother return? Will he fall to the floor?

In this story, you will learn a lot about bats as you read about a little lost bat and cheer at the ending.

by Janell Cannon

Stellaluna, baby fruit bat, is born to Mother Bat. She clings to her mother as she flies to find food. One night, an owl attacks, sending the tiny bat falling into a bush. Though she hangs on to a twig most of the night, at dawn, she falls...





a nest of baby birds. Will Stellaluna be able to learn the ways of birds? Could she ever learn to like eating bugs? Will she learn to sleep in the night and stay awake in the day? Why won't Mother Bird let her sleep upside down?

It's a story that will tug on your heart strings as you cheer for a litte bat who is trying to start a new life with others who are very different from her.

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A 12-page unit for Little Lost Bat by Sandra Markle is a part of a collection of 50 units in Stepstone Stories.

The Unit Contains:
Crossword Puzzle
L is for Lost
Long A Words
2 Readers' Theater Scripts
Discussion Cards
Bingo Cards for Bat Vocabulary
Analyzing the Story Plan, Multiple Choice
Bat Activities

A 12-page unit for Stellaluna by Janell Cannon is a part of a collection of 50 units in Stepstone Stories.

The Unit Contains:
Crossword Puzzle
B is for Bat
Readers' Theater Script
Discussion Cards
Edit a Report
Do I Understand?

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Gather Bat Facts

We suggest that you use the background music to match the various parts to the actual movements of bats as described in the stories. Have the children MOVE and DANCE the movements of the bats as they listen!

"Correlations exist between music training and both reading acquisition and sequence learning. One of the central predictors of early literacy, phonological awareness, is correlated with both music training and the development of a specific brain pathway." The 2008 Dana Consortium Report on Arts and Cognition

Johann Strauss II's classic "Die Fledermaus (The Bat) Overture, Op 362" is our background music.


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