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An Island Grows
by Lola M. Schaefer

An Island Grows is the story of a volcanic island that is formed in the ocean, told simply from the first red hot magma that leaks into the floor of the ocean, to the building of the island, to its becoming populated with plants, animals, and people. Brief rhyming sentences and simple illustrations describe the profound sequence in clear and easy words for all ages.
Brilliant in its simplicity! A must have for science in classrooms and libraries.

Internet Extensions for
An Island Grows

Author Lola Schaefer
Illustrator Cathie Felstead
Paper Model of a Volcano
How to Make a Model Volcano

Volcanic Island Formation
Volcanic Hot Spots
The Volcano Song

A 9-page unit for An Island Grows by Lola Schaefer is a part of a collection of 52 units in Flying Higher.

The Unit Contains:
Getting Ready to Read Nonfiction
Discussion Cards
Crossword Puzzle
Volcano Song
Multiple Choice Questions
Making a Model of a Volcano
Sentences Grow, Too! (This is cool!)
Rhyming Words
Researching Volcanoes
Answer Key



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