Building with Dad

by Carol Nevius
, illustrated by Bill Thomson

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Building with Dad
by Carol Nevius
, illustrated by Bill Thomson

Would you like for your dad to be the one to build the new school? Then, if your dad took you to work with you, what would you see? In Building with Dad, You will get to go with him from the beginning of the construction to the finish.

It's fun to read because the lines rhyme and because the pictures show the action from your perspective. You see things that are close-up as much bigger than those far away.

Building with Dad is a great book for Take Your Child to Work Dad! Afterward, your students can write their own stories about their the work their parents do!

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Illustrator, Bill Thomson
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Readers' Theater Script
Discussion Cards
Creating a Cover
Understanding the Story
Word Endings
Words that Begin with B
B is for Building
Comparing Stories
Answer Keys

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