Gobble It Up!
by Jim Arnosky

The cow eats the plants.
Then it poops.
The poop draws flies
To start the loop.

The fly eats the poop.
The frog eats the fly.
The fish eats the frog
So it won't die.

The bug eats the plant.
The chicken eats the bug.
You eat the chicken
And give Mom a hug.

Plants grow, creatures eat,
The food chain gives each one his treat.
First the plants, then big eats small.
But our bright sun starts it all!

Gobble It Up is a simple picture book with a cute folk song on the CD inside. The song about the food cycle will have you dancing and singing. Before long, you'll know how the food cycle works! But, you won't be able to stop singing the tune! When others hear you, they'll want to sing too! Pretty soon everyone will be singing while they find their place at the top of the food pyramid.

Internet Extensions for Gobble It Up!

Author and Singer Jim Arnosky
Food Chain

Food Cycle Song

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A 12-page unit for Gobble It Up! by Jim Arnosky is part of a collection of units in Serendipity. Perfect for lesson planning and handouts or projection on your SmartBoard!

The Kids' Wings Activities Include:
Food Cycle Song
Discussion Cards
Before and After Reading Guide
Crossword Puzzle
Checking for Understanding? Multiple Choice
Food Chain, Easy Logic Puzzle
Healthy Eating
Who is Feeding What? Middle Level Logic Puzzle
Food Chain Starters
Games We Play--Three Games
Choices on the Food Pyramid
Kid Connection
Answer Keys

Background music, "Lake of Pontchartrain"


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