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by Loren Long

Otis was a funny, lovable, determined little tractor who worked proudly on his farm and then played happily after every day's work. When the farmer bought a sad little calf, Otis befriended him and sang him to sleep with his "putt puff puttedy chuff." Otis didn't see the problems that were ahead for him. What would happen when the farmer replaced him with a bigger, flashier tractor and put him out to pasture. Would the help he gave to the little calf friend be repaid to him? Would Otis find a place to belong?

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A 41-page unit for Otis by Loren Long is one of a four-unit collection including Otis, Shark vs. Train, Let's Do Nothing, and Duck! Rabbit! Perfect for lesson planning and handouts or projection on your SmartBoard!

The Kids' Wings Activities for Otis Include:
Discussion Cards
Before and After Reading Guide
Crossword Puzzle
Checking for Understanding? Multiple Choice
Write a Book About You and Your Friend
Living and Nonliving Things
Grouping Living Things
Thinking for Fun
Story Map Fill-in-the-Blank
Otis’s Parade
Answer Keys

Here are all the pages in the collection you will get for only $12.95:


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