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Sally and the Purple Socks
by Lisze Bechtold

Sally ordered some soft and comfy purple socks. At first the socks were way too small, but they began to GROW until they were perfect. The problem was that they kept on growing! As they continued to grow, Sally used them as a hat and scarf, curtains, blanket, a rug, and then a circus tent. What would Sally do if they kept on growing? What would YOU do?

Sally's silly dilemma will ignite creative thinking, problem solving, and laughter in your classroom. It might even inspire students to take a close look at their own clothes and recall funny things that have happened with them!

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Sally and thePurple Socks
by Lisze Bechtold

Imaginative Physical Education Warm-Ups
The Value of Imagination

Nurturing Imagination
Imaginary Playmates
Childhood's Natural Gift
Children's Arts and Crafts Projects

Imaginative Activities Compared to Testing Activities

Imagination and Children by Jaime L. Hebert From Suite 101

"You can't depend on your judgment when your imagination is out of focus." Mark Twain

A 15-page for Sally and The Purple Socks
by Lisze Bechtold
is part of a collection of units in Serendipity.

The Activities Contain:
A Readers' Theater Script
Discussion Cards
Easy Logic Puzzle
Easy Multiple Choice Comprehension
Holey Shirt Creative Thinking
Sock It To Me Math
Extending the Problem--Draw Another Possibility
Decorate a Sock
Draw and Solve (follow directions)
Bill or Beak Activity
Answer Keys

You will enjoy another imaginative story:
Imagine Harry

Billy & Milly, Short & Silly
by Eve Feldman

For non-readers teachers can read aloud followed by students reapeating with expression to build sentence memory that is a necessary foundation for beginning readers.


Billy & Milly, Short & Silly introduces the concept of story through 13 short rhyming stories about two friends. Some of the stories are four words long; some, only three. Words within each story rhymes, so you have 13 sets of rhyming words that produce a story through word families! Simple cartoon illustrations provide the clues necessary to understanding the stories and the inherent humor. Because of the ingenious simplicity, these stories are not just silly but provide a perfect for beginning understandings of story map..."somebody, wanted, but, so." (MacOn, Bewell & Vogt, 1991)

Internet Extensions for
Billy & Milly, Short & Silly

Author Eve Feldman

Teaching a Child How to Rhyme

Enchanted Learning Rhyming
Story Mapping

Interactive Story Mapping

What is story mapping?

A 5-page for Billy & Milly, Short & Silly by Eve Feldman is part of a collection of units in Serendipity.

The Unit Contains:
Prereading Activities
Crossword Puzzle
Make It Rhyme
Fun Page
Answer Keys

"I think it's a brilliant thing for a child to sense that adults are actually on the frontier of their own unknown. Not only that, but that they are there in a joyful way. They aren't feeling diminished because they don't have all the answers--they are actually looking to some horizon that is giving them a grand vista. Children can feel this in a palatable way." From Cultivating Imagination in Children


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