Dad and Pop PLUS Dirt on My Shirt
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Dad and Pop
by Kelly Bennett

Kelly tells about her life with two loving fathers: Dad who was there when she was born and Pop who her mother married after the divorce. Each of them is very different in many ways, but they are both the same in one very important way. Can you guess what that is? Yes, they both love her!

In times when divorce takes families apart, this book celebrates the times when it brings them together to provide different kinds of love to a girl who enjoys having the best Dad and Pop.

This is a book that should be in the home of every divorced couple with children.
Here's the readers' theater script in the unit:

Kids Wings Readers Theater Script for Dad and Pop :

Voice 1: When Kelly was born, Dad was there.
Voice 2: He changed her diaper and washed her hair.
Voice 3: Dad laughed with Momma drove their car.
Voice 4: He read to Kelly, and showed her the stars.
Voice 1: But something changed, and Dad went away.
Voice 2: And he promised Kelly he’d come back and play.
Voice 3: Dad kept his promise to his little girl.
Voice 4: He came over often to give her a whirl.
All: Did Dad and Mom get a divorce?
Voice 1: Yes, that sometimes happens in families, of course.
Voice 2: But many fathers are like Kelly’s dad.
Voice 3: They work hard to be sure their children aren’t sad.
Voice 4: Kelly’s mom got married once again.
Voice 1: This man was bald and wore a big grin.
Voice 2: Kelly called her stepfather Pop.
Voice 3: He played with her and loved her a lot.
All: Kelly was lucky! She now had two dads.
Voice 1: They were different, but fun, and Kelly was glad.
Voice 2: Dad took her outside to fly toy planes.
Voice 3: With Pop, Kelly gardened and hoped for some rain.
Voice 4: Dad took her fishing and paddled the boat.
All: Pop took her swimming where they could both float.
Voice 1: Now, Dad teaches Kelly to paint pictures of cows.
Voice 2: But she paints walls with Pop when time allows.
Voice 3: Dad married a lady who was sweet and kind.
Voice 4: But he never let Kelly feel left behind.
All: Kelly now has two moms and two dads!
Voice 1: Kelly is happy and no one is sad.
Voice 2: Would you like to read the book that she wrote?
Voice 3: It’s called Dad and Pop! (Hold up the book.)
Voice 4: It will win your vote!

PLUS Activities to Extend:

The Kids Wings activity guide in Discover Magic for Dad and Pop (thumbnails above) contains 9 pages of fun and learning, perfect for lesson planning and
handouts for projection on your SmartBoard!
Activities include:
Discussion Cards
Readers Theater Script
Multiple Choice Comprehension Activities
Crossword Puzzle
Fun with Dad Logic Puzzle
Math with Dad and Pop
Spinner Fun
And Answer Pages


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