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Meerkat Mail
by Emily Gravett
Kids Wings Award Book

When Sunny Meerkat who lives in the Kalahari Desert decides to go on a vacation to find the perfect place to know, some place that isn't so crowded with family: the PERFECT place to live. So, he leaves a note that says he has set off to stay with his Mongoose relatives, but he promises to write. And WRITE he does! From Uncle Bob's home he writes a post card featuring the African Red Hornbill that warns the mongoose family of danger. You can actually flip over the postcard and read his funny letter to his meerkat family. Unfortunately Sunny is just too big to fit into their hiding places.

Next, Sonny goes to stay with his cousins Scratch and Mitch who live in a termite mound. From there he writes another post card before the itching gets to ticklish for him and he moves to cousin Edward's home on the farm.

You can follow Sunny's quest for the perfect home through his emails that are included in his book: Meerkat Mail. Can you guess where he finds the perfect home?

You can be sure that you'll want to write some post cards yourself after you finish Sunny's story!


Internet Extensions for Meerkat Mail :
ZooWho: Meerkats
Fellow Earthlings: Meerkats

Literature Extensions for Letter-writing Connections:
Help Me, Mr. Mutt!
The Giant Hug

Click Clack Moo
I Wanna Iguana
Edwina Victorious (intermediate grades)
Dying to Meet You (intermediate grades)

The Kids Wings 10-page activity guide for Meerkat Mail provides fun and learning, perfect for lesson planning and printed handouts or projection slides on your SmartBoard!
Activities (see some screen shots below) include:
Discussion Cards
Before and After Reading Vocabulary, Prediction
2-page Readers Theater Script
Multiple Choice Comprehension
Pictures in Sentences
Crossword Puzzle: News in Sunny's Postcards
Whose Suitcase? A Logic Puzzle
Playful Postcards
Meerkat Math
And Answer Page

A special thanks to the talented Mickey Gentle for his foot-stomping background music, "Walking Through the Parlor"


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