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"These rain boots are perfect in mud..." but "...
when Dog went for a swim, they filled up with water and he sank with a PLOP!"

Dog in Boots
by Greg Gormley

A Mockingbird Book for 2012-2013
A TLA 2x2 Book for 2012-2013
Kids Wings Top Flight Book

When Dog reads Puss in Boots, he is inspired to find the perfect footwear for himself. Luckily, at the shoe store, he finds the same magnificent boots as Puss wore in his story, so he buys them. What do you think happens when he wears them home to dig up his very best bone?

So he exchanges the magnificent boots for some rain boots. What do you think happens next?

Each time Dog tries a new pair of shoes, something else happens!

What can Dog do? You may be surprised at how this story ends!

The Kids Wings' literature guide will connect the traditional story of "Puss in Boots" with this new fanciful dog tale to delight your students! Included in the Kids Wings' materials is a readers' theater script for "Puss and Boots" and many enjoyable actitivies that complement and extend Dog in Boots.


Grade K-3 Literary Connections:

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The Kids Wings' 16-page activity guide for Dog in Boots provides fun and learning for grades K-3, perfect for lesson planning and printed handouts or projection slides on your SmartBoard!

Activities (see some screen shots below) include:
Pre-Reading Discussion Cards
4-page Reader's Theater Script for Puss in Boots
Crosswod Puzzle
Do I Understand? Multiple Choice Comprehension
Digging Out of Our Shoe Pile Game
Shoes for Different Jobs
Dog in Numbers
Footwear Fun: Drawing and Writing
What Dogs Can and Can't Do
Describing and Doing
Making Connections
Answer Page

Here are the pages in the Kids Wings Unit:

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