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Rain School
by James Rumsford
Kids Wings Award Book

American Boy 1: Every year I go to school in a big building standing tall.

Thomas: Every year I go back to where there is no school at all.

American Girl 1: I carry my notebook, colors, and paper to get a happy start.

Thomas: I hope they give me a pencil and paper so I can do my part.

American Boys: When we get there, we turn on the lights.

American Girl 2: Air conditioning keeps us cool.

Tomas: When I get there, our teacher shows us where to start building our school.

American Boy 2: We exercise and play games in the gym. It’s really lots of fun!

Thomas: First, we learn how to make mud bricks and dry them in the sun.

American Girls: We read books about fairies and sports.

American Girl 1: I want to read them ALL!

Thomas: When the bricks have dried, we stack them up to make each strong mud wall.

Continued in the Kids Wings Literature Guide...


Rain School by James Rumsford carries the reader to the African country of Chad where summer rains have melted the mud walls and mud desks that they had built the year before. Now, students and teachers gather in the fall to rebuild the school before learning can begin. Written by a Peace Corp volunteer, this book offers a sharp contrast to the fancy, air conditioned schools of America where our floors shine brightly, places we take for granted.
Rain School takes readers to a whole new world.

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The Kids Wings activity guide for Rain School
provides fun and learning, perfect for lesson planning and
printed handouts or for projection on your SmartBoard!

Activities (see screen shots below) include:
Prereading Discussion Cards
Readers Theater Script
Do I Understand? Multiple Choice Comprehension
Story Sequence Wheel
Analogies and Other Puzzles
Map Activities
Answer Page

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