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Don’t Worry, Douglas!
by David Melling

Mockingbird Award Book
Kids Wings Award

When Douglas's daddy gives him a new wooly cap, his little bear is so happy he turns cartwheels around the trees. Oh, oh! Douglas doesn't notice that his cap has gotten snagged on a tree branch and is beginning to unravel! When his forest friends point out the problem, they also offer to not-so-helpful ideas for fixing the pile of unraveled yarn that is left.

What do you think the sheep suggested?
What do you think the rabbit does?
What do you think the bird does?
What do you think the squirrel suggests?
What would YOU suggest?

When it starts to rain, Douglas Bear really gets worried. Now his forest friends offer a suggestion that really does work. Can you guess what it is?

Kids will love the episodic plot that unwinds into disaster as they watch Douglas react to each of their suggestions. In the end, his father's love wraps him in something even better. They will also love the last page that is a collection of creatively silly hats!

In Don’t Worry Douglas! by David Melling, apostrophes are introduced in the context of the story, forming the perfect opportunity for clear understanding anchored in an unforgettable story.

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A 12-page literature guide perfect for lesson plans, handouts, or projection on your SmartBoard for Don’t Worry Douglas! David Melling is part of the 2013 Literature Collection, Brain Boosting Books!

The Activity Guide Contains:
Pre-reading Discussion Cards
2-page "Start with a Readers Theater Play"
Apostrophes that Show Ownership Song
Apostrophes Activity Page
A Bear's Crossword Puzzle
Do I Understand? Multiple Choice
Douglas's Fun Page
Hats, Hats, Hats
Imagine a Hat, 4 Activities
Science Activities with Yarn
Answer Page


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