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Fire! ¡Fuego! Brave Bomberos
by Susan Middleton Elya
TLA 2x2 Award
Kids Wings Award

In rhyming Spanish and English, brave bomberos race toward roaring flames to save lives and property!

Come into the fire station to hear the alarm! Slide down the fire pole! Ride in the firetruck with the firefighters as they speed to the fire! Quick, fasten the hose to the hydrant to put out the fire. Watch one courageous firefighter climb the ladder to save a kitty. People watching respect the brave fire fighters' work.

Large, bright paintings bring the action to life!


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The 8-page Kids Wings literature guide provides extended learning as it includes these activities:

Pre-reading Discussion Cards
A 2-page Readers Theater Script
Time It! Estimate and Check
Firefighter Math
Match Spanish Word with Picture
Fiery Hot Sequencing

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