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Horsefly and Honeybee
by Randy Cecil

Honeybee had worked all day. She needed to rest. So she flew to a flower to take a nap. That would have been okay if Horsefly had not already been there. What would you have done? Well, THEY had a terrible fight. Something ugly happened. Honeybee lost a wing! But, guess what? Horsefly lost a wing, too! Honeybee could not fly! Horsefly could not fly, either. They both walked away, mad ... right into the hands of a hungry frog!

What do you think the hungry frog did? If you were a frog, what would YOU have done? What do you think happened to Horsefly and Honeybee? Do you think they stayed angry?

In Horsefly and Honeybee by Randy Cecil, you will see how danger inspired two enemies to cooperate to save their lives! Precious, simple pictures tell funny details of the story.


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A 10-page literature guide, perfect for lesson plans, handouts, or projection on your electronic board for Horsefly and Honeybee is part of the 2013 Literature Collection, Brain Boosting Books!

The Activity Guide Contains:
Pre-reading Discussion Cards
2-page Readers Theater Introduction
Do I Understand? Multiple Choice Comprehension
Sums of Ten
Adding New Friends
Compound Words
Comprehension: Feelings, Prediction, Sequence
Answer Page


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