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Won-Ton: a Cat Tale Told In Haiku

Kitten's First Full Moon
Bad Kitty
, and
Splat the Cat
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Won-Ton: a Cat Tale Told In Haiku
by Lee Wardlaw

illustrated by Eugene Yelchin
Abilene Mockingbird Award
Kids Wings Award

2012 Lee Bennett Hopkins Children's Poetry Award
2012 Myra Cohn Livingston Children's Poetry Award
"Love Story" award by Fancy Feast/Purina Company

He was a Siamese cat in an animal shelter. He had everything he needed. Everything except a home.

In Haiku:

I'm a Siamese cat
In an animal shelter.
I need a good home.

He had given up on anyone choosing to take HIM home, and frankly, he wasn't sure he even wanted to go home with any of the cruel, tail-pulling hands. But, there is THAT boy. Will he choose ME?

In Haiku:

I want a good boy,
One who doesn't pull my tail.
Dare I even hope?

Won-Ton is the story of a homeless cat who gets adopted by THAT boy. Won-Ton, himself, tells his story, in the voice of the fearful, playful, picky, silly cat he is. Written in the 5-7-5 syllable Haiku pattern, his clever, funny story will make you want to tell the story of YOUR pet in Haiku, too.

Kitten's First Full Moon is the story of a kitten venturing out into a dark night and discovering the bowl of milk waiting for him. But his attempts to reach it lead him on an funny adventure.

Bad Kitty is the best alphabet book ever! First he goes through the alphabet being fed those vegetables from A to know, the ones we all dread so much! He becomes... Bad Kitty, shredding everything from A to Z!

Splat the Cat is going to school for the first time. Will he be able to take his pet mouse? Will he have the same problems you hand?

How is Kitten's First Full Moon like Won-Ton and Bad Kitty? How is it different? Compare these award-winning books, and you'll have a great learning opportunity! Our Kids Wings units will help!

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C-A-T A Readers Theater Script (with dramatic touches
Sensational Syllable
Haiku of You, 2 pages
Two New Haiku
Kanji Art
Do I Understand? Multiple Choice and Drawing
Comparing and Contrasting Two Books

Haiku Magic Crossword Puzzle

Answer Page

Literature Connections
Kitten's First Full Moon

Cat Secrets

Bad Kitty

One Dark Night
For the Love of Autumn

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