Charlie's Garden 2010


You will love this...another RV nightmare.

The RV tried to kill us again. We drove it 60 miles to Hallettsville for the track meet all day Monday where our grandson, Trenton, won 4 gold medals! Yea... and all the way there and back, the propane heater in the coach was fired up...we couldn't get it to turn off. It was 95 degrees with both air conditioners blowing. Truly, I wish it had just caught fire and burned to the ground on the side of the road. I was ready to jump OUT!

During the track meet, the heater turned itself probably likes the dogs! It's us it is trying to kill. When we started home, the heater charged up again and it was again 95 degrees when we got home...with both air conditioners blowing full force and now the windows wide open.

Charlie took it 45 miles to the New Braunfels RV shop two days later. They said they had never seen such a problem...never. We aren't surprised. I'm trying to get Charlie to trade it in (in effect giving it away) for a nice normal RV. I don't think the Monster will make the summer.

After two hour of taking things apart at the RV Repair Shop, they discovered a switch on the console labeled "heater". It blows engine heat through the floor vents when it is "on." It was "on". Good grief. We've had it for 5 years, and we never knew it was there! I guess it just proves that at least half of our problems can be attributed to stupidity.

Just before he left, they were about to close the hood and he heard tweeting. They discovered a nest of baby wrens! That means, they rode with us to Hallettsville and back all day Monday and then to New Braunfels today. He's on his way back now...pray they make it!

When Charlie and the babies got home. Momma Wren and I met him on the driveway. When he turned off the RV, the tweeting began. They made it! Newly hatched babies...the most well-traveled ever.