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The Winner's Walk by Nancy Ruth Patterson

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THE WINNER'S WALK by Nancy Ruth Patterson is a perfect novel for 3rd and 4th graders.  

Case Callahan dreams of someday being a winner like everyone else in his family. Will he win the talent show? Will his science fair project on the heart come out on top? Could he finally win a horse show?

Right after an accident brings him to a new low, a four-legged angel shows up in a most peculiar place and gives him new hope. This dog is amazing! Is there anything he can't do? Might he actually win the dog show? 

A sudden turn in events teaches Case Callahan that the highest form of winning doesn't come in applause and blue ribbons but in sacrifice and a compassionate heart.

The Kids Wings unit has 17 pages of activities including:

A Readers Theater Script
Prereading Discussion Cards
Anticipation Guide
Making Connections: Pre and Post Reading Discussion Guide, Chapter Questions
Transform the Story with Quartet Reading  
15-second Summaries
Playing the Game
Where in the USA is Kansas?  Map Study
Trophy Hunting Crossword Hunting
"Heart Sounds," Comprehension Check-up
"Unbelievable" Comprehension Check-up
What’s Real in Realistic Fiction?
The Agility Trial Logic Puzzle
Noah's Story--Noah could do many things, but he could not talk.  He could not tell what had happened to him.  Talk about the possibilities with your group or partner.  Then, write Noah's story from the moment he disappeared to the moment Case found him.  Write your story from Noah's point of view.  Be sure to tell how Noah felt each step of his journey.
Reaching New Heights: Logical Thinking Puzzle
Answer Pages



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