A Terrific Thanksgiving

by Suzy Red

    Gobble, gobble!  Turkeys are racing around trying to find a hiding place as we get set for the best holiday of all, Thanksgiving!  To have a terrific holiday, start with hugs, proceed with “yums,” and end with fun!
     Thanksgiving morning begins with your whole family diving into the car and scooting to your grandparents house.   As you arrive, your Grandma, like a big affectionate bear, should pick you up and squeeze you as if you were a rag doll.  Act like you like it.  When you catch your breath, run around seeing` your other relatives, but watch out for weird ones like Uncle Mike who can hardly wait to tie your shoelaces together or stick a cherry tomato on your nose.  Be sure to help your grandma check the delicious turkey so you can get the first taste.

     When all the food is ready, it’s time for the moment you’ve anticipated for a year:  Thanksgiving Dinner!  Be sure to pull out the chairs for your mom, Grandma, and any other ladies who are dinning with you.  Don’t be the first one to take a bite!  You don’t want to look like goober!  After Grandpa says the blessing to thank God for His care during the last year, Grandma will begin to pass the food to the right.  It is difficult to be patient when everything smells so good, so think of something to talk about. “Where did you get your pretty new apron, Grandma?” or “I am going to be an camel in the Christmas pageant this year at church.”  When your plate is finally loaded with tantalizing vittles, take your time eating, using your best  manners, to make those around you thankful to be sitting beside you.

     After dinner, plan to go outside with your siblings and cousins for a game of flag football.  Ask if you can use the dinner napkins for flags to stick out of  your back pockets.  Talk about the rules to be sure no one gets hurt, especially the youngest ones.  You might need your dad to referee.  He’s big enough to help control Uncle Mike who is like a tank, determined to flatten everyone in his path when he gets his hands on the football.

     I am thankful for Thanksgiving and for my family.  It is a special time to get together with our family, to thank God for our good food and  blessings, and to have fun together.

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